Staying in balance means that you avoid extremes in everything, and always return to the golden mean, the optimal, the center. Physically this means that you neither sleep too much nor too little. You neither exercise too much nor too little. You neither eat too much nor too little. You simply follow the natural biorhythm of your body. When you are hungry, you eat. When you are thirsty, you drink. When you are sleepy, you sleep.

Don’t try to guess what your body needs. Just listen to it and give it what it wants. Don’t start fasting, don’t torture your body, and forget about celibacy. In the womb, all your desires were fulfilled immediately, and you were completely happy there. So why do you think this doesn’t work now? To forget about your body, to escape from its grip, to go beyond it, you need to give the body what it wants.

The same is true for your emotions and thoughts. Normally emotions move up and down on a sinus wave. Very positive emotions suddenly change into very negative ones. One moment you feel very low, then on the top of the world, and then again you sink into depression. This happens because your circumstances affect you too much. You are traveling on an emotional rollercoaster, and let your strings be pulled as if you were a puppet.

You need to remind yourself that really there is nothing positive or negative. Every experience serves your learning, and shines light on something you should notice. Duality is only in your mind, everything is inherently neutral. This way the sinus wave will slowly straighten, and your emotions return to balance. This doesn’t mean that you will become unemotional though. You can experience real happiness only when you are emotionally balanced.

The movement of thoughts is just like the blowing of the wind. It can very quickly push you out of balance. Almost all thoughts are related to survival, the primary function of thinking is to keep you alive. If you think your life is in danger, it is no use tying to soothe your emotions. Your mind will keep returning anyway to certain problems that endanger your survival, which will stir up your feelings.

This is why you need to stay in balance on every level, even financially. Nowadays money is the most important tool for survival. Don’t have too little money, but also don’t gather too much, because that also leads to problems. Then you will worry about losing the money you collected. You should have so much money which satisfies your needs and provides your freedom.

Furthermore, you need to get rid of your constantly returning thought patterns, because they also take you to the extreme. Somebody is too much preoccupied with cleanliness, others with food or alcohol. Somebody wants to help everybody, others want bad for everyone else. These patterns keep coming up and take you off balance most of the time.

If you notice these patterns, and simply start watching them without giving them energy, they will lose their power. If you manage to overcome them, you will naturally get into harmony, and can easily walk along the rope, where a new life is waiting for you.

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Memento Mori!

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  1. Peter Bruce

    April 11, 2019 (01:37) Reply

    Excellent work presentation and so true.

    • Gabriel Dee
      Gabriel Dee

      April 17, 2019 (00:15) Reply

      Thank you!

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