In life, you can either be in survival mode or spiritual mode. Survival means mind, spiritual means beyond the mind or no-mind. When you are preoccupied with your survival, your mind is filled with thoughts, worry and tension. Only when you relax into your being, can you really start to appreciate the meaningful things in life like beauty, wisdom, and life itself.

There are two ways to go beyond the struggle for survival. First, you can create a balanced and abundant life for yourself, where your financial, relational, sexual and recreational situations are in harmony. You will soon become bored with your perfect life, and will ask yourself: And now what? You will want to search for something beyond survival.

Second, you can learn to accept death completely, and with this understand that ultimately, the fight for survival is futile, because you can never win in the end. Remembering and accepting this, you will automatically move into the higher dimensions of life, and start to function from the spiritual mode. You will want to search for something beyond death.

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Memento Mori!

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