This rebirth I am speaking about is not the traditional one. It is not that the same consciousness is reborn in a new body, but just the opposite: a new consciousness is reborn in the same body. By unconsciously reincarnating over and over again, you will never get closer to yourself. You can only get to know yourself by being more conscious.

You need a psychological rebirth, not a physical one. There is no continuity between the old and the new, it is a total transformation. To be more precise, the new, the real, has always been deep inside you, but you could not see it from the old. The work is to delete the fake to see the real.

The one who dies is your personality, and the one who is reborn is your individuality. They cannot exist at the same time. You made the mistake of giving attention to the false, so it became your reality. You were paying attention to the outer world instead of the inner. You were listening to your fears instead of your inner voice. You gathered the past like the dust, and you define yourself according to it.

To throw away your personality, you have to throw away the past. Not just the bad, but also the good memories, all of it. But you are afraid to throw it away because you do not know who you would be without your past. Instead, you are protecting it like a treasure. But what you see as treasure I see as rubbish. You actually covered your real treasure with this pile of trash.

You can never be satisfied with your personality, your ego will never be fulfilled. It always wants more, it is never enough. Deep inside you want to experience the lost wholeness, holiness. That is why you are filling yourself with rubbish hoping to be full one day. But even if you become the greatest, the most famous, or the richest man in the world, you will still feel empty inside.

Until then, at least you have hope. But when you reach the top, you will feel tremendously hopeless, because you reached your goal, but you feel more lost than ever. You filled yourself totally, yet you feel totally empty. You can never be whole and happy by feeding your ego. The ego is just the shadow of yourself. You are offering food for your shadow, and hoping to fill your stomach with it.

The treasure you are seeking cannot be found outside because it is hidden underneath the pile of rubbish that you gathered during your life. To be able to find it, you have to clean yourself, you have to throw away all those unnecessary things that were either forced upon you, or you collected yourself. Your parents, your teachers, your friends, your priests and the rest of the society hanged its ornaments on you, and now you feel and look like a Christmas tree.

The ornaments are hanging on the natural tree in the same way your fake personalities are attached to your true individuality. You are even showing off your fake beauty to others and keep on hanging more on yourself. You do not realize that you are the tree and not the ornaments.

The decoration is bogus and dead, while the tree is natural and alive. Shake yourself, and let the ornaments fall down to the ground. Throw away everything that was forced upon you, everything that was told about you, and everything that you think of yourself.

I can assure you they are not true because even the concept of a personal self is fake. Actually, your self-image is constructed from these ornaments. So when you throw them away, everything falls from you at the same time. Be brave enough to face your own natural, wild, pure, innocent and true face. That who you truly are.

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Memento Mori!

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