In today’s lesson, I would like to tell you more about self-actualization. The expression itself consists of two words: self and actualization. Self refers to the higher self, to the individuality, and not to the personality. Until you haven’t realized this self, you cannot actualize it, or in other words, express it.

Finding the self is a purification process. You clear your mind of everything that you are not. This is how your true will, your individuality, your real self and your life purpose can emerge. You discover your center, you find home, you crystallize yourself. You realize what makes you different from others, and you find your unique voice.

You are an incredibly beautiful rose, but you believe that you are a mere blade of grass. Only when the veil of personality falls down, do you recognize the rose seed hiding deep inside you. It has always been there, but you never payed attention, never valued it. This seed would like to feed on your attention to grow and flower. It is no more than a possibility at this point, yet it already contains the future.

The essence of the rose is already in the seed, with all its beauty and majesty. It slowly starts to grow in the ground, and then in the surface, too. When it finally flowers, it expresses itself, it shows its true nature. This is how the rose actualizes itself, and you have to find your own way in your life how to do the same.

However, self-actualization is not the end, something even more is hidden in the mystery of life. If you are brave enough, you can go even beyond your individuality. You need to find yourself to be able to lose yourself. First you discovered your center, an infinitely small point, which becomes infinitely big in this stage. By the end of this process, your center becomes one with the whole universe.

The rose loses its petals, and its fragrance dissolves in the air. The rose, as a separate form and entity, ceases to exist, and becomes one with its environment. Only its invisible essence remains, that which was never born. Only its form, its individuality, its roseness disappears.

Through self-actualization you also attain your true form. You become who you really are, however this kind of existence is still somewhat superficial. Beyond the level of self-actualization and individuality, immortality is waiting for you. This is the true and final death, this is spiritual enlightenment.

Be careful though not to develop a false self instead of actualizing your true self. You are a rose seed, yet you make every effort to become a tulip. If you remain on the path of personal development, you will neither be a real rose, nor a real tulip.

Instead, choose the real you, choose the rose. You can save yourself from a lot of suffering and lies. What do you think, how much effort would it take for a rose to turn into a tulip, or even just to look like one?

At most, you can become an artificial flower, something that looks like a tulip but is dead inside. The rose never gets any chance to flower, and remains only a possibility. The rose doesn’t need to be developed, it only needs to grow.

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Memento Mori!

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