Many people ask why separation is needed on the spiritual path, why can’t we just remain in the state of oneness forever. Well, it has a number of reasons. First, you can only truly value something that you already lost once. The state of consciousness of a baby is called unconscious oneness because he doesn’t know he is in that state. He is totally blind to it, just like a fish misses to see the water it is living in.

The personality is what throws you out to the shore, and you begin to suffocate and suffer. You don’t even know really what is missing, and with time you can even get used to the suffering. Only when you return to the water, do you really realize what it was. Only then can real happiness fill you again. Only then do you remember this long-lost state where everything is all right.

You can get to know something truly only through its opposite. Until you haven’t met sickness, you don’t know health, either. Until you haven’t suffered in pain, you don’t know pleasure, either. Until you haven’t lost yourself, you cannot find yourself, either.

Second, the personality is necessary for the elevation of consciousness. From the state of unconscious oneness, it is impossible to jump straight to conscious oneness. Conscious separation is the hard but necessary step you have to take. You already know that you exist, you gained self-awareness, but you feel separated from the world. Most people live and then also die in this stage. If you don’t step up to the next stage of conscious oneness, you can’t reach your full potential.

Many spiritual people try to fight against the ego to conquer it and attain enlightenment. This kind of attitude comes from the ego itself. It is impossible and unnecessary to fight against the ego. Why would you want to destroy something that doesn’t even exist? If you fight a demon of your fantasies, it will just make it stronger and more real.

You invent an illusory war in your head, where the good and the bad fight for your soul. This duality is just a trick of the mind. You are neither bad nor good, you simply are. Your mind is always in duality, but you are always one.

If you step outside to the Sun, its rays will cast your shadow on the ground. The Sun is constantly shining up there, gives life to all plants and animals, and shines on everything and everybody. The Sun symbolizes the one consciousness that is everywhere and is in everything. This one consciousness casts a shadow on your mind and creates your ego in a similar way. But if you are constantly looking at the ground, you only see your shadow and miss the Sun.

But without the Sun there would be no shadow, and nobody to look at it. Behind your tiny shadow, and behind the shadow of everybody else too, there is the same Sun. Everybody’s body is unique, and so is everybody’s shadow. Everbody’s mind is unique, and so is everybody’s ego. And as everybody is looking only at his own shadow, everybody thinks he is unique. Nobody bothers to look at the shadow of others. However, the one thing that makes the existence of shadows even possible is the same for everybody.

When you start your spiritual path, you constantly hear from others that your ego, or your shadow, is the enemy. So you try to fight it and get rid of it. But how could you destroy a ghost? You simply reinforce it with your attention. If you pay attention to your ego, that becomes your reality. Your only task is to shift your attention and look up to the Sun.

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Memento Mori!

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