Survival is the meaning and goal of the whole existence of the mind. It is logical and always seeks meaning in everything. But when it faces its own meaninglessness, and its inability to survive, it simply commits suicide and disappears. And this is the greatest miracle that can happen to you. You suddenly realize that you are not your mind.

Without losing your mind, you cannot be sane. Your sanity comes from your inside, which you cannot see with your mind. With your mind, you can only look outside, but with no-mind, you can look inside. You should strive to reach this third stage because only this will give you peace. There is no such thing as peace of mind. When there is mind, there is strife. When there is no-mind, there is peace. The expression piece of mind should be rephrased as “piece or mind”.

You can do many things to reach this stage. But be careful, because everything you do on the first stage, you do it with your mind. And you always have to start from the first stage. The mind does not want to commit suicide, and one way or another it will try to stop your effort.

You currently define yourself from the outside based on the world and the past. When the idea of death approaches you, you start trembling. You know that you will lose all outer points of reference. Who are you besides your name, your body, and your life story? Besides anything you ever felt, thought or experienced? If you lose everything that defines you, who will you be then? Will you also die?

Your personality is built from the outside. When you drop it, your self-identity will come from the inside. It will not depend on anything, it will be absolute. You will become an infinitely small point in existence around which the whole world revolves. The whole world may be in chaos, but this small point will always be in peace.

After the third stage, you will witness the world from your center. Your center cannot be changed, cannot be divided, cannot be lost, cannot be destroyed, and cannot be taken away from you. When you are functioning from your center, you can easily accept the realities of your outer life: change, uncertainty, and death. You will know that these affect only your outer life. But inside you are immortal. You are the eye of the cyclone, the eternal in the eons, the center in the chaos.

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Memento Mori!

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