The mind is inherently dualistic because it is trying to decide about everything whether it helps or hinders your survival. It divides the world into black and white; good and bad. This is how it labels and judges everything. If it thinks it helps your survival, it says: good. If it thinks something is in the way or is even dangerous, it says: bad.

If something is neutral from the point of view of your survival, it says: I don’t care. You usually don’t even notice the neutral things in your life, you don’t give importance to them. Your mind is only interested in the “good” and “bad” things. That is why you enjoy a good meal, you get afraid of a car almost hitting you, but usually, you don’t even notice a tree in your garden.

So, the mind is constantly seeking pleasure and trying to avoid pain. All of your thoughts are ultimately leading back to this motive. The mind keeps on labeling everyone and everything, which distorts your reality. It connects “bad” thoughts with “negative” emotions, and “good” thoughts with “positive” ones. So, simply by changing or completely removing these labels, you can change your reality.

Thinking lets us choose between beneficial and hindering situations, communicate more efficiently, create a blueprint of the whole world in our mind, create inventions by manipulating this virtual world, and even predict the future based on the past. Thinking let us rise above the animal kingdom, yet it is way overvalued.

Thinking also distorts reality, and puts us in our own personal reality, which is often a personal hell. Our limiting beliefs based on the past constrain our possibilities. Mostly, we only react to situations, instead of giving a responsible answer based on the present moment. Until thinking is mostly unconscious, there is little possibility to change it.

Why do we cling to the mind then so much? Because we cling to our own survival, this is the most basic function programmed deep into the subconscious of the human psyche. Animals use various tools for survival, like their claws, jaws, or their hiding abilities. But for humans, the Swiss army knife of survival is the mind, and even if we don’t think about this consciously, deep down we know it.

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