If you are on a journey towards spiritual enlightenment, you may wonder how it feels like reaching the destination. The spiritual journey is indeed a strange one, as you are striving for something with all your heart that you don’t even know what exactly is. Although enlightenment is beyond words, I’ll try to put it into words nonetheless, just to make you even more inspired.

Not many people know, but there are actually three different phases of enlightenment, and each feels different. The first is the moment of enlightenment itself, the second is the purely enlightened state that follows it immediately, and the third is the return to ordinary life but with an enlightened consciousness.

Now the moment of enlightenment is the most significant thing that can ever happen to you, and yet it only lasts for a split second. I spoke about this and how it feels like in a separate episode titled “My spiritual enlightenment experience”. Suffice to say, it’s like waking up from a dream, or like dying and stepping into an earthly heaven.

Although it’s just one moment, it will stay with you for the rest of your life. What follows this realization immediately is what I call the honeymoon phase. You’ve fallen in love with yourself, with life, with the whole world, and now you re-discover all its beauty, majesty and sacredness again.

It feels like as if you were reborn, as if you were an innocent child, as if you were seeing it for the very first time. But this time, you are conscious, and that makes all the difference. You are on this perfect honeymoon all alone yet with the entirety of life, and you have the time of your life. Nothing is missing, nothing is wrong, everything is complete and perfect.

You are also complete, totally fulfilled, you are a whole. You simply can’t feel any negative emotions, your mind is utterly silent and peaceful, almost no thoughts arise. You simply bask in the beauty of the eternal now, you forget about the past, and you don’t think about the future. Even if you physically died in this state, you wouldn’t mind it, but you don’t desire it either. You don’t desire anything.

If enlightenment feels like a death, then the honeymoon phase is like being a ghost. You literally become enlightened, unburdened, unattached. You’re almost floating above ground without all the care in the world. The circumstances don’t affect you, you can’t be hurt, you can’t be killed. You are already dead in a sense, yet you feel more alive than ever. You’re just a distant observer, life just flows through you, and you also just flow with life, you become life itself, you become the flow.

The honeymoon phase of enlightenment typically lasts for a few days, a few weeks, or a few months at most. It’s very rare that somebody becomes so enlightened that he or she never returns from that state. Gradually, the ego comes back, but this is not the same ego you lost. This is a purified, self-conscious, lighter version. It’s just like a mask you put on for the world which you can take off any moment if you want.

You still have a body, thoughts, emotions, desires, but the difference is that there is no craving or attachment. Life goes on after enlightenment, you are still living in the drama of your life, but the difference is that you know it is a drama. You know you’re not really part of the movie, you don’t identify yourself with the main character.

You can even sometimes get lost playing your part, but when it is too much, you can just simply lean back on the chair, and watch everything unfold eating your popcorn and knowing that nothing can happen to you. You don’t retreat from life into a cave, because life becomes a play and you want to have fun.

The other thing is that you don’t want to control things. It’s not about controlling emotions, thoughts and desires, but letting them free while watching them “from the hill”. Even if a negative emotion arises, which rarely does, then you let its energy go over you quickly, like a child who is authentically angry, but then forgets about it immediately.

Life becomes simple this way: when you’re hungry, you eat, when you feel lust, you have sex. You let the body fulfill its needs, while knowing that you are not the body. The love you feel is also different, it’s not sticky like before. So you never feel jealous, you love your partner like you love a tree in the garden. So if you feel lust and sex happens, good, but if not, no problem either.

Naturally, this third phase is the hardest to me, because that’s where I am now. It’s equally challenging and fulfilling to learn to integrate enlightenment with everyday life. But if you’re not there yet, don’t worry about it in advance! First achieve enlightenment, because it is amazing!

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Memento Mori!

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